I don't feel pretty at all, I just feel ugly and worthless. ?

It makes me really paranoid because my friends love to take videos of me and post them to snapchat when I'm doing absolutly nothing, I feel as if they are making fun of me because I'm not small. I tell them to stop but they think I'm kidding and if I told them why they would probably call me pathetic. Everytime I see myself especially in a camera I see a whale, I've done all I can to lose weight and by all I can I mean all I can so don't tell me to stop eating bc I've already did that and I'm still getting bigger. I just want to feel pretty and confident but I don't know how. I've tried multiple times but I just can't do it, I need advise


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  • Don't let anyone make you feel like you're ugly and worthless because baby you've got your whole life ahead of you! Nearly every girl reaches a stage in their life where they're extremely attractive. Did you hear about that girl who was bullid in school by a guy and then she got really hot and went to the restaurant he worked too? He tried to ask her out but she rejected him and told him who she was - Karma affects everyone. Don't worry!


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  • Eat a healthier diet. It's easy. I'm actually having trouble gaining weight.
    Eat low fat yogurt instead of ice cream. Forget about fries and make home potatoes on a different oil compared to whatever oil McDonalds uses. Eat fruit as snacks instead of whatever you eat. And so on. A lot of info online for that stuff.
    Go for more walks and runs. Listen to music while doing it so it's more interesting. Do some funky high-pace dancing behind exciting music. Do more active work such as shoveling snow, cutting grass that kind of stuff. It will make a big difference.
    Good luck.

  • Post a picture and we'll tell you if you're pretty. Most people will say you are just because they will say that for anyone, but I'll really tell you.

    • I don't take good pictures so I guess we'll never know

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  • Have you tried different work out regimens? Do activities that you enjoy that are active.

    • yes I did but and they worked for a while then I started feeling really different compared to everyone else