Am I pretty? Does my makeup look good?

So i started wearing makeup... Does it work or not...
Am i Pretty

  • Gorgeous
    20% (3)0% (0)11% (3)Vote
  • Pretty
    47% (7)23% (3)36% (10)Vote
  • Ok
    20% (3)38% (5)29% (8)Vote
  • To much Makeup
    7% (1)15% (2)11% (3)Vote
  • Yuck
    6% (1)24% (3)13% (4)Vote
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What Guys Said 2

  • i believe without make-up you'd look better :-)

    • some guys say that... but then others Think makeup is where its at... so I don't know who to please... :P

    • Stop trying to please people, you can't please everyone in life. Please yourself be happy with yourself, I honestly agree with him I think you look better without make up. But if you want to wear then you wear it, I can't tell you right from wrong. But personally do not try to leave lfe trying to please everyone. Not everyone will like you and that's just life. The only person I impress is myself if people don't like me then that's there problem.

    • Yeah... im just a bit of a people pleaser...
      i think the makeup also makes me more confident... on days i dont wear makeup i am normally more quiet and laid back than days i wear makeup...

  • I think the lipstick looks trashy. Voted E).


What Girls Said 5

  • Yeah, I think you're a cute girl. The picture is kind of blurry though so it's difficult to accurately judge how your makeup looks.

  • Love your lips and eyes.
    but, I'm a girl.
    You can open lots of doors on looks alone.
    Just a crack though
    Personality, kicks the door off the hinges.
    You go girl.

  • You straightened your hair... Yeah you look pretty but you did before =)

    • thanks... the only problem is keeping it straight... :P my hair is born to frizz!!

  • You look fine without make up but if you want to wear then wear it.

    • thanks... I've actually found that the makeup causes my acne to spike so i only wear it to church and days when i have band... (have to impress my crush...)

  • You're adorable baby girl :)