Rate me cute or nah?

Ok I'm so sorry, ik y'all hate these but I was called ugly today by a friend, yes I gave a comeback and I don't care what people say, but this time I did I have also been called ugly by a old crush. so what do you think please be honest, and ik i use to say these are stupid but I'm curious?

  • You're ugle 😷😷
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  • Your ok👌
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  • OMG your so pretty there just blind👀
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  • Baby girl you're beautiful <3 :)


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  • sire without glasses you'd look better in my opinion ;-)

  • Your quite cute :)
    Appearance is just a first impression of someone, when they people get to know you, your personality is very important.
    Also, by not caring what people say (you said that), you'll show confidence (it can be seen), and confidence in yourself is one of the most attractive things in both girls and guys. But beware, do not have too much confidence in yourself (e. g. dont think of yourself as superior), because that will come of as cocky/arrogant

    • Yes I agree and i usallu get I have an awesome personality not trying to be stuck up just saying what people say and well thank you that's very sweetπŸ‘πŸ˜˜

  • You are 6 years younger than me so I feel weird for saying this but you are cute and I'm sure many guys your age like you or think you are pretty. People have high standards for beauty these days. Just focus on yourself and surround yourself with positive people and stay away from drama.

    • Hahha hey it's not as bad as the 65 year old who text me on here and we'll thank you that's very sweet of you.😊😊

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    • Lol look at all these positive male comments you are getting you little player

    • Haha well I am a pro jk lol I can be very flirty and cool but I've never had a bf so it's sweet to hear these kind words

  • You're pretty cute, hahaha. :D

  • You're actually really cute, I like your wall picture better than your profile pic though. Will you rate me if I message you?

    • Awww thank you and yes feel free to message me I don't mind.😊😊

  • Life is too short to see yourself through the eyes of others.

    If anyone ever doubts you physically, Or you ever doubt yourself physically, Just think, Fuck it, Im gonna die one day, And when that day comes ill feel fucking stupid that i wasted that minute of my life worrying about something so incredibly not important as looks.

    P. s, I clicked B But was going to click C, My scrolly bar on the right messed up when i clicked for some reason xD.

  • youΒ΄re hideous!! nah just kidding you're ok

    • Haha well I do get called hideous a lot πŸ˜‚ or slut and I never even kissed a guy but I only get offended if I'm called ugly haha I don't know why and well thanks for answering my question.

    • don't listen to people they could be jealous.. most guys would fine you pretty and at worst ok

  • You're cute


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