Hairy or smooth girls?

Would you like girls with dark hair on chest , stomach, back , butt, armpits, arms , and legs. Or smooth girls with no hair except for on their head and eyebrows.

  • love hair girls
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  • I don't love it but it doesn't bother me
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  • love smooth girls
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  • I can't stand hair on a girl
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't care for body hair except on the pubic bone.

    I don't like it on myself or my partner. I shave my chest, trim my underarms to almost nothing, trim my pubic bone and shave my balls, bum hole, ass cheeks, back, upper legs... just leave the forearm hair and the lower legs hair. I don't have thick hair so it doesn't look weird. If I had dark thick hair I would shave my lower legs as well.

    And I keep my facial hair.


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What Guys Said 4

  • I only like hair on top of the head and the eyebrows when it comes to girls. Girls with hair on other parts of the body makes me not see them as girls.

  • smooth of course ;-)

  • I can't stand hair anywhere on a girl except for her head and eyebrows. I guess if she had some short, neatly trimmed pubic hair it would be ok. But other than that, there should not be a single hair anywhere else on her body.

  • I like middle-eastern women, I do not care as long as I like her and she likes me, the fact that there are women who 'manage' their body hair is misleading, if you are related to Sasquatch then you should show the world that you are rather than misleading people into believing something that you are not.

    I know a girl who likes to shave her forearms because they are a little hairy, anyway, that is my preference, I like girls who are true to themselves.


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think most people like hairy girls, but that's just our society. I personally don't like being hairy, but just for comfort reasons.

  • Who the fuck cares it's your body.