Riding the abs question train. If a guy has an average face, but a seriously built body (abs, V-lines, nice lats and traps) does that make him hot?

I see many comments that guys looks are important but many guys are basically "average looking" or looks count 25% (personality and other carries the rest) and the rest. But would an average face on a hot body be better? or would a hot face on an ok body be best?

Just a funny thought... my rant/troll type questions get massive hits and these really curious ones that I need help with get nothing.


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  • That's a really hard question in my opinion. I think I would prefer a hot body and an average face. For one thing a really toned and fit body tells me that you care about your health, which for me at least is really important since I'm into being healthy too. For another, I think that a hot body is more sexually attractive than a hot face. Also, besides being an emotional experience, sex is (obviously) a very tactile act and therefore you want the body of your partner to feel good to you. From an evolutionary perspective, a fit male is more attractive because the female can tell he can provide for her and take care of her.
    To answer your first question, I do think a built body and an average face makes a guy hot, as long as he's not going to extremes with it like body builders do.


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  • If a guy has an average face, but a seriously built body (abs, V-lines, nice lats and traps) does that make him hot?
    It doesn't make him hot to me. Hot for me is a hot face and a hot body.

    But would an average face on a hot body be better? or would a hot face on an ok body be best?
    A hot face and an ok body would be more suited for me as the body can be improved so I can get a hot face/hot body.

  • A guy with an average face and a nice body. A guy doesn't need to look good, he just needs to look like he looks after himself. Features about yourself that you can change as opposed to those you can't are generally more important in terms of being attractive.

    • Thanks. I try dress well and be very positive, bright and funny. But I just want to know and feel that I look good somehow. Like my comment to the other girl here, I am very built but I feel my mug lets me down. But I don't even have an ugly mug, just average. I suppose its my body image insecurities, but its hard to accept a girls advances when you don't feel secure in your looks.

    • ... I love your user name ha ha... that's funny

    • Thanks, and I like your username too :)

      Girls aren't expecting guys to have a nice face the same way guys expect a girl to have a nice face (which is kinda shit for us girls). It's probably the reason why girls wear makeup and guys don't. If you have an average face and a nice body, you're probably better looking than the majority of guys out there. To be blunt, if your insecurities on your looks are holding you back, then you're being held back over nothing.

  • Both would get my interest -it would then come down to how he made me feel by the way he treated me.

    • Thanks, but just... well truthfully I have done gym for 7 years strait and do boxing and weightlifting. But my face is... I don't know... nobody ever comments on my face (obviously) But I want to feel more confident in my image. Like if I approach women, could my body help me in my mindset that I am attractive? But yeah, I know personality counts too, if not most. I spend more time trying to be more fun and leader than at the gym.

    • Firstly, different girls have different tastes - some will go more for a good looking face (or what they vonsider good looking - which can also vary) and others go for a great body. And for some like me - just get attracted to whatever noticeable assets he has got and actually dont deduct 'points' for anything 'average looking. So for example - I would look and a guy and think he is so hot cos he has awesome biceps if his face was ok looking - I dint tend to think 'great body, shame his face is only average'. After the pure physical attraction -usually the glint in his eye as we make eye contact and maybe a slight cheeky smile usually attract me more. Then of course personality comes into it. I am certain that if your body is great (even with an average face), a great haircut, and if you smell good (nothing fancy or over the top), have a bit of comfidence, and pay the woman you are interested in attention then they will find you attractive

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  • yes if the girl is into body more than face... then yeah