Feeling insecure and ugly lately, opinions from anyone are helpful?


Okay so I know my profile + this linked pic aren't great, I have no makeup on at all in either one, my eyebrows aren't done (don't wanna mess them up so I'm waiting to get them done professionally), my hair is kinda a mess, etc.. but I still wanna know, what people think of me. I dont wanna ask for numbers because that's just setting myself up for more disappointment. Also I'm basically lesbian so opinions from girls are more appreciated :) I noticed on my okcupid profile, I get visits and likes from other girls but rarely any messages, is it because I'm (admittedly) putting no effort into my appearance yet? Like, maybe I'm just boring or ugly but if they're interested enough to click on my profile then I can't be that bad, right? >.>


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  • You're not ugly. I think once you put in a little effort like getting your brows done you will be stunning! But as you are you're beautiful :)

    • Thank you :) yeah I hate my eyebrows atm. It's just that my mom is so busy, we only have 1 car and any salons are way too far to walk to from my home, and I really dont wanna risk plucking them myself and ruining them :(


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  • Opinions from girls more appreciated eh? That's cool.

    You're alright but the thing is, a lot of people on GAG remind me of people I know. . . even you


    Remember, don't let the bed bugs bite

  • I think you look quite cute. this might seem kinda weird to ask but do you use a lot of facial expressions depending on your mood and what you're thinking?
    how do you carry yourself when you walk rather alone or in public?

    Also remember if you do start wearing makeup which I don't think you really need, That you don't want to over do it and a light touch can have a huge effect.

  • you're not ugly... you look cute don't worry ;-)

  • You are good looking and no make up is better you are a 8 will you rate me?


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