Am I physically dateable?

First and foremost, please be honest. If your not physically attracted to me, tell me why or give me tips. If you are attracted to me, please tell me what makes you attracted to me. For your knowledge, I will not pursue you if say you like me physically or not, because long distance relationships don't work out to well. (I've been in 2) and my personality doesn't suit much people now a days.

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  • id only like you if i liked your personality, but physically on the edge of no.
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  • im a guy, that likes girls.
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  • eww, you have cooties
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes for a girl. Why wouldn't you be?

    • Im currently in Japan where their thoughts of being attracted to philippino guys are not good so I honestly don't believe I'm remotely dateable.

    • You never know. You've got nothing to worry about

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What Girls Said 2

  • Kinda. For me that's big because i'm usually not attracted to Asians. :)

  • I dono if its the angle of the profile pic, but for me. I'm not physically attracted to you.


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