My friend think's she fat. What do you think?

We just went shopping and she was so upset because she felt fat in everything. SHE'S NOT. I haven't got a photo so i'll describe her-
she has the tiniest waist ever! She's a C cups, and has amazing hips. Her legs are slim shapely. Her stomach is almost completely flat. If she stood side on, her stomach would be almost totally flat, with the tiniest bulge on the bottom (which all women have). She also has a few stretch marks on her hips/thighs. She has an amazing hourglass body, but is also really slim. She has beautiful blue eyes, long blonde curly hair, clear skin and is just the most kind, confident, fun-loving amazing person ever.
Does she sound attractive to you"?

She is 5'7 and weighs 55kg


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  • a pic of her could help, to judge if she's fat or not :-)


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  • I think I cannot tell if this recipe tastes delicious if I don't taste it, just like how I can't tell if someone is fat based on TEXT, especially with NO HEIGHT and NO WEIGHT DATA.

  • Yeah. What you're describing is anorexia. It's a type of body dys-morphia. I suggest she finds help like a therapist or something. In her head, she REALLY sees herself as fat.

    • i hadn't considered the severity of the situation, maybe your right. I'll talk to her

  • doesn't matter tel her she's not


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