Do I look ugly or hot?: You decide?

Ok. So all through my life I've gotten what movie critiques would call "Mixed Reviews" I'm an alright guy I'd say. I'm charismatic and a good time at the bar... but the dating scene well... plenty of fish in the sea aye?

Anyhoof I've got a question. I'm wanting to settle this once and for all. Many girls tell me I'm Handsome, either that or something to that effect. Though. I'm just not feeling it. Granted I know I'm no Channing Tatum or anything but I gotta ask... am I hot or... not?

You decide ladies and gents. Am I a hotty or a peg off the ole ugly tree?

REMEMBER. This sites about honesty so really rip into me. Either way ill be fine my skins thick... lay it on me with any critique that you have not just "Make me feel better post" so have at it people. Hot or not GO!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Can't tell... your face is hidden under your glasses and hat.


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  • You're hiding your face with sunglasses, I can hardly truthfully tell you if I think you're attractive without seeing your eyes.


What Guys Said 1

  • cap and glasses hide your face dude...