How do guys think of me?

I am an 18 year old girl who has never dated any boys before. One of the reasons for my reluctance is my body. I'm 160cm tall but weight only 90lbs, that is im incredibly thin. I have tried to gain weight but it just doesn't work. My lack of nutrients has also made my breasts near to nonexistent, I'm flat chested in the saddest way possible. Boys did try to approach me and ask me out, but then I was so self conscious of my defects that I was scared of being too intimate.

What do guys think of girls like me?:(


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  • some people are thin naturally and will never be anything but thin, as long as you eat healthy and get some exercise you will be just fine, you have growing left to do so again make sure you are eating healthy and you will be fine, there is more to a person then just their weight so stop worrying about it and live your life


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  • maybe you're naturally thin i suppose

  • "Boys did try to approach me and ask me out,"

    This line should tell you everything you need to get your confidence up.

    Just because you don't think you have the stereotypical body guys go for, doesn't mean you're not those guys no1 hottie. I find super thin, athletic girls very attractive and definitely my type

    You day you're flat chested... I say slender and sexy :-)

  • I want to sex with you.


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  • If you are worried about being underweight maybe see your doctor or pharmacist about it? Health first boys second.