Would girls be attracted to a scrawny yet flabby guy?

I am 18 year old geeky guy with a really bad body. I am really thin, almost underweight yet I have a lot of body fat. My arms are scrawny and flabby and nothing in my body has any muscle definition. I am more or less as strong as the average girl and my butt is jiggly like a girl's. I also have a small chest and love handles. However I am tall and have a decent face and I have a great sense of humor and kindness.

I try exercising in the gym but it has little effect, it seems genetic.

Girls, would you be attracted to a guy with these feminine body traits? Or would you not consider him boyfriend material due to his frail but soft body?


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  • Do you lift? You need to eat a shit ton, get some protein powder n shit. If you have buddies have them teach you their routines.

    No, no girl has ever wanted to fuck a skinny guy. Most guys are skinny >.>


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  • no pic dude... so it's hard for girls to tell :-/

  • I stopped at "tall and decent face and great sense of humor"

    You be fine dude. Plenty of girls for you if you get some god damn confident.

  • You're tall and have a sense of humor, you're set.
    Try lifting weights, usually guys with fat build muscle much easier than skinny guys.