What is the Chinese beauty standard in Western countries?

As far as I know, some Chinese girls who considered to be beautiful in the western country is not being considered beautiful in China, I am just curious about the difference in beauty standard. I am a Chinese myself , I just need to ask someone from the West.


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  • I cannot answer that question from a Chinese viewpoint, and as a guy that has spent 30 years living in oriental Countries (mainly Hong Kong, Philippines and South Korea - with visits to many others in the region), I want to broaden your question slightly to embrace Oriental women as whole. The first thing western men notice is the difference in attitude compared to a western woman. Culturally, Oriental Women are bought up to care well for their partner, that does not mean being subservient, they do it because they want to. That to me is a part of their beauty that goes beyond simple looks. In the main, Oriental Women are elegant. They carry themselves well, dress well, and so on. I personally find the general looks with high cheek bones very attractive. Few Oriental Woman are obese, they care about their figure. I could write on book on this, but you would get bored. Final point, Miss World 2013 was Megan Young of the Philippines, she is beautiful beyond question, the rest of the World would seem to agree.


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  • You just need to be good looking and have nice features.

    Skin tone etc isn't a big thing in western culture. A dark girl or a white girl are both beautiful as long as they don't have an ugly face and aren't overweight.

    From your picture, you would be beautiful in western society.

  • I don't know for the same reason any other race finds a different race attractive and in certain states Asian people aren't that common. Like in New York there are tons of them, while here in my state of Kansas or rather the town I live in you rarely ever see Asian people at all, so it's not common and probably seen as more attractive to people here then in a place were y'all are more common.

  • Somewhat more appreciation of 'sultry' vs 'young and cute'

    Indifference on skin tone

    More focus on a shapely butt

    Being tall by Asian standards goes unnoticed here.

    There's more but it's hard for me to pinpoint.

  • I think they usually like bigger eyes but I'm not sure. 你是香港人啊?我想去看一次!

  • I would just like to clarify right now, That this post im about to make is not Racist.

    I think the best way to answer this is using that 'Family Guy' sketch, Where There is an Asian dude in an American city and he is calling everyone ''Malcom in the middle'' because they all look the same to him, And then there is an American guy in China and he is calling everyone ''Jackie Chan'' because they all look the same to him.

    Point being, Without sounding racist or anything, Most people of Different Ethnicity all look fairly similar to someone of a different ethnicity, Whereas i could describe a Caucasian girl in many different ways, I could not do the same for someone who was Asian ethnicity, I would generalize and say things like ''Smaller eyes, Smaller body'' etc.. thats not racist, Thats just how people view others from different ethnicity's.

    Point being, I can't really say Asian girl A is prettier than Asian girl B because to me they both look VERY similar (Just as 2 white girls would look Identical to an Asian guy, Even if they looked nothing alike to me).

    Do you kinda understand what im saying? ;D.

    But, If i was to answer specifically what traits are attractive in an Asian individual in a western culture, I would have to say it would be Larger eyes (To westeners the more closed, Asian eyes look strange and alien), Most people who like Asian girls also like ''Petite'' bodies. And long hair too.

    Hope i helped ;).


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  • I find you adorable! Pale skin is less of a status symbol in the West, although generally considered pleasing to the eye. Western women tend to be taller so the fashion industry caters to us. There is a real focus on sexiness here and a dedication to fitness for many as the USA, at least, has an obesity epidemic. Fatness is considered lower class here, but prized more highly in certain ethnicities.

  • There is no standard.

  • In short answer, you. There is no real standard. That's probably why some of those girls aren't considered beautiful in China. Most girls would seem attractive. We honestly don't think about it as much.