For you personally, how do you determine if you're good looking? Do you think you're good looking?

Just curious because i was pretty average throughout high school but noticed that some attractive girls did find me attractive in college. I noticed through the mirror that I was good looking. I got bids to a top tier frat based on how they perceived my superficial qualities. But I never felt like wow I'm hot until senior year when I heard girls whisper he's hot or he's cute when i walked by them. I know that's really superficial but hearing that a lot really boosted my confidence and gives me the energy to work hard. How about you?


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  • I guess it's based on other people's reactions. How many people give you random compliments, remark on your looks, flirt with you, ask you out, etc. I think I only really grew into myself at around 18-19. Before that I wasn't too bothered with what I looked like. I'd still get compliments and people interested in me, but once I hit a certain age it kinda took off and I noticed it more. Well, either the guys got bolder, or I got prettier. Does boost your confidence, and I feel very comfortable in my skin, but I think I'm past the point where I let it get to my head or anything. There are plenty of people better, more beautiful, and all that.


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  • I always thought as myself as a 7 til two months ago one my male friends told me I was a 5 now everytime I look at the mirror I think of the number 5 . one thing I Know for sure is I am better looking than he will ever be.

    I like my :eyebrows, lips. smile, hair so I give myself a 7 in all I give myself a 10

    • do you find yourself attractive?

    • yes but i find myself more attractive knowing others find me attractive if that makes any sense

    • it makes sense that how it works

  • I look in the mirror.

    • so what other people say doesn't affect how hot you think you are?

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    • So let's say a week goes by where no one looks at you, you don't feel down or anything?

    • well i dont consider looking at me a sign of interest unless they re glancing at me constantly or gets the big eye nervous deer in headlights look. is that a sign of interest btw? and i know most people dont make it obvious they find me attractive. so i m not worried and just knowing that attractive girls found me attractive and i haven't got uglier so i know i m attractive. finally i was told a lot in past by family members n friends that my brothers much better looking than me and i guess that made me immune to criticism

  • Looks are all in perception you
    We all, will be good looking to someone
    And ugly to others

    Yes hearing people call you good looking
    Makes everyone feel good

  • Friends I have over for a night say I look best when I wake up I'm the morning I don't know why I always go to bed wearin the same thing but I think if you can look I'm a mirror and just smile while l your good lookin

    • Prematurely clicked post opinion but I was gonna type smile while looking at yourself I'm the mirror

    • well i've always enjoyed looking at the mirror but even more after hearing other girls say i'm hot. i dont think its enough to think you're attractive

  • Everyday battle.


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