Im always wearing extreme push up bras, is it bad?

I've been wearing the same bra for 2 months. Because its my only extreme push up bra. Can it affect the shape of my boobs and can it make them saggy when I take it off?


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  • I wouldn't wear a push up bra. that makes a guy think thats the actual size of them and if you take it off and they aren't the same he will be mad (not cause he only likes big boobs just that u technically lied to him)

    • "lied"

      so girls who wear push up leggings to make their butt look cute are liars. And girls who have had surgery for their boobis are lairs. And women who wear make-up are liars.

      Grow up and appreciate what you get.

      A guy is not in the position to be MAD at his girl, because she wore push-up bras. It's the women decision- her body.

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    • oh okay.
      sorry for bitching out on you ^^

      I know a lot of these guys and i'm sick of them.

    • yea they can get really annoying. they are judgmental about everything and its stupid.


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  • I have read in multiple places that wearing a bra at all times can make boobs lose strength thus making them saggy. If they never use their own energy to hold themselves up at times then they might lose their energy and become saggy. I think the logic makes sense.

  • 2 months non-stop? gosh never washed it? :-P

  • Those bras are deceptive. Be happy with what you've got and dont worry about.


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  • It's unlikely to affect the shape of your boobs, but you should take the time to be comfortable with your boobs the size they are, and they will sag because that's the shape boobs are. Guys really couldn't care less if they really like the girl- sure boobs are nice but it's not going to make or break it. Your boobs are a. ok as they are. :)

  • It probably might be bad for your blood flow? And if you wear it all the time, it wouldn't surprise me if it has managed to change your boobs' shape in a few years (yes, by becoming saggier).