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just wondering?
can someone guy or girl just take a quick glance at my POF and tell me where I've gone wrong coz i feel ike i have


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  • Only thing, some women may not like under the first date thing you listed '' It's all up to you :)'' Most girls like a guy to take initiative. May not even be anything wrong with it. I'm sure to some girl there's something wrong with it, or a lot of things wrong with it, and to some girls it will be perfect.


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  • looks good to me


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  • errr the moustache is kinda weird in my opinion basically :-/

  • you're 19
    go to a club or bar or something, hang with ya mates
    plent better ways the PoF

    • i work from 8 - 9 then go to the gym for an hour (recently started that) so after i feel real tired... i have the confidence and everything i just tend to have a lack of time seeing as its spent riding around london all day on a bike.. literately

    • well that ain't 7 days a week, so on ya off days go out and mingle, use said confidence for what it's worth

    • its 6 hahaha 7th is the rest day but ill give it a try again i suppose

  • The main problem is that you're not good looking.

    • thanks mr anonymus

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    • I never said you were never with girls. And gag isn't a dating site so it doesn't matter if they reply. What I'm saying is that your looks are the bottleneck to how well you are doing with girls. You can accept that fact or not. It's still a fact.

    • i ment on POF not this site