Why did they say these things today?

I'm 12 weeks pregnant. 13 weeks tomorrow to be exact. My pregnancy isn't confirmed due to experiences with doctors. But I know I am. Hardly anyone knows. And I know no one shows this early. Plus Im chubby so I know I'll start showing even later most likely. But here's the thing: my job coach asked me if I'm pregnant. Then maybe a couple hours later, out of nowhere, this lower functioning boy says I'm getting bigger. I didn't fully get that so I just thought things. Can anyone really tell at this time, or is that with them different?


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  • yes you can tell be looks and smells

    • By looks and smells? People can do that?

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    • A scent that isn't weird or bad, and a glow in the skin and the way I look and act

    • Hmm interesting


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  • I could tell with my friend really early... You may be glowing etc... Have you had your 12 week scan? If so then tell people... God forbid something goes wrong u will need support anyway so you are ok to tell people now! Enjoy the experience xx

    • Oh wow. And glowing like my skin changes? I haven't had a scan. I'm ok to tell more people? Thank you

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    • Get a doctor please!!!

    • Get an OB/GYN?