Fitness suggestions/tips? especially those of you into the fitness scene?

i am not unhappy with my body, but i have increased my interest in fitness fairly recently. I would love some objective opinions about improvements i could work on at the gym! sure beats paying a personal trainer 50 dollars an hour! thanks guys!


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  • What kind of change do you want to see?


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  • girl, if thats you in your pic, you don't need any tips! compare yourself to jokes that post here and it's a laugher. But if you wanna step it up and add muscle, that would be even hotter. What do you currently in the gym?

    • well thanks and yeah i would like some added definition i mostly do light weights, yoga, cardio...

    • a muscular version of you would be a 10. and i don't give high scores like these other posters on here. like really defined arms and legs and a 6 pack, and you would be spectacular, you already have such a head start. would love to see a face pic! :)

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