is someones body shape the first thing guys look at?

Im not exactly fat but im not stick thin. I have fairly decent boobs and like i have obvious hips, my stomach isn't flat. im a size 12 yet i feel like everyones a size 8 or something. Im really worried people judge me for being 'fat' and stuff but honestly i cannot be bothered to exercise it off. probably sounds really contradictive or whatever but like is someones weight the first thing guys notice or does it not cross some peoples minds???


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  • It's almost an all in one glance. I notice a girl's hair and body outline first. Then, I focus in on her face. After that, I will focus more on her body.


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  • The first thing is usually what stands out the most. That's what catches attention first. If there is nothing that stands out then the first thing is the face. Body comes later.


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  • I'd say guys notice face first, then body. Some guys like curvy and bigger girls. Some guys are unattracted to size 0's as well. Some guys are looking for that size 6 chick. Don't sweat it. It's all about preference.