What do you think of me? how do you describe me?

hey i'm 16 years old and i'm a hard working student i get really good grades and i have never dated in my life i love hard rock a little bit metal and pop. i'm into love movies and action films. i'm into books i read a lot of book french and English i even read arabic books. my idol is kat dennings. boys always compliment me on my body and my look but honestly i'm not satisfied with my body. and the thing is i just didn't find anyone loves me that i love back...In my school they call me popular and people wants to be friends with me but i am so against popularity for teens in highschools i find it stupid and useless plus i'm kinda an introvert person i sometimes prefer to just be alone but hey that doesn't mean that i don't have friends 'cause i do i have 2 bestfriends and many simple friends that's why i always reject new friends. i dream of having a jurist career i don't know what's it exactly maybe a forensic scientist or a judge or a lawyer maybe even a detective. i'm thinking of having a second job an actress. so can you give me your opinions about me ?


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  • You sound like an amazing person to me, i guess with friends you're more quality not quantity huh? But you sound pretty well rounded to me, with ideals!!


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  • I think nothing of you: bad or good. You're a kid with aspirations that I hope you reach. You seem to have typical problems of many teenagers. More than that, I can not say because I don't know you in depth.