What do girls want in terms of "Small Build" guys?

I'm a smaller build than most of the other guys in my school, and I think I need a relationship to keep my mind off of personal issues. The thing is it can't be with just anyone!!! I need somebody who cares and understands me. I have a girl in mind but I don't know what style of clothing/build of body this girl is looking for! Any help?


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  • Not sure you want a girlfriend for the right reasons you stated. This girl might just like you the way you are, you shouldn't have to change. Also, at your age you're still growing so don't be too concerned with your body unless unless you're overweight or underweight.


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  • "I think I need a relationship to keep my mind off of personal issues."

    That's not what a relationship is for. A relationship will put MORE stress on your plate and if you're going into one with personal issues, then that's not fair to bring in your burdens and possibly have them deal with it.

    But if you're set on this... you can ask her friends what kind of guys she's interested in. I wouldn't do this though and would simply be yourself and try to attract her as you are because that is confident.

    Changing yourself for someone else shows a LACK of confidence and though it's sweet, I knock points off.


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  • That's not how women work. Women don't want you when you're down. You can't get self esteem from girls. You need the self-esteem to get girls.

    Girls can be miserable and sad and find some guy to date. Not you.

  • They don't want them. They might date you in spite of it, not because of it.

    But if that's your real age, you are still very young so it doesn't matter much.