Girls, so um, how do I look?

I'm sorry, i know there are a lot of these out there. But i mean, I'm obviously not fishing for compliments. So will you rate me on a scale of 1-10 (1 being downright ugly, 5 being flat average, and 10 being absolute perfect). I'm just really insecure, and I'd like to know what girls think...of you don't mind. Any legitimate answers would be very much appreciated. Don't be afraid to be completely honest. Please don't sugarcoat anything. Thabk you all in advanced for answering!

So um, how do i look?

  • 1-4 (ugly)
    Vote A
  • 5 (average)
    Vote B
  • 6 (barely above average)
    Vote C
  • 7 (slightly attractive)
    Vote D
  • 8 (attractive)
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  • 9 (really attractive)
    Vote F
  • 10 (perfect)- not likely lol
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  • Baby face!

    • Is that a bad thing?

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    • Haha ok thanks. I really appreciate it. I didn't expect to get such high ratings. I figured I'd get somewhere from 3 to 5 from everybody

    • Nahh you're totes above average. You welcome!