How do I look? Is being Asian something attractive?

You can just check my profile picture, but I was wearing makeup so it doesn't reflet my real self I guess
I wonder if Asian girls are attractive, actually I think we all look quite the same haha


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  • The years of white girls were more between 2000 and 2007. But the white girls continue to have privileges even with the Asian girls being the new preference among men and white guys being the preference among girls.
    Basically, Asian girls are shown with white guys much below normal proportions on the media compared to the unrealistic proportion of other couples with white women.

    Also, seeing Asian girls with white guys makes black guys want Asian girls too.

    First it was, and still is, white women, now white guys are changing and liking Asian girls and white guys are changing the game up on them.

    Now black guys are hyping up Asian too in an effort to keep up with white guys when before it was only military guys who went that route.

    I think if white guys started dating black girls in very high numbers than black guys they would be running back to black girls too.

    Asian girls are the most desired now that everyone uses internet and have more choices to have their preference.
    blog. okcupid. com/index. php/race-attraction-2009-2014/

    Have more couples between white guys and Asian girls and even more marriages.
    s13. postimg. org/r4q0ntsxx/marriagex. png

    Yes, Asian girls are attractive and the new trend because white guys are learning to have preference for them but American media boycott this kind of couple to show others only with white women and you don't see this and ask this question.


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  • You are very attractive. I do not think all Asians look alike. I do have trouble identifying the different nationalities at times, but you never look athe same to me.

  • You are very cute. Asians and all others have their attractiveness.

  • oh wow your cute!!! your a 100% cute ass sexy "an angel" girl!!! wow i bet you look good without makeup too! And don't worry Asian girls are more then attractive! I followed you because i always wanted to follow an angel haha

  • I like France do you speak French? J'adore la coulture de France. j'adore fromage et vin. qui'adore-vous?
    You look nice don't worry

    • Bien sûr que je parle français ! J'aime beaucoup les paysages variés en France :)

  • yea ur hot i like Asians

  • You look very nice

  • these questions are annoying. no offence,

    i mean you can just find a lot of opinions if you just google it or even search it on gag.


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