Beard/Beard Without How Do İ Look?

Beard/Beard Without How Do İ Look?

thank you..
Beard/Beard Without How Do İ Look?


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  • I somehow thought you may have been a young version of George Clooney with your deep intense eyes (which he seems to swoon most girls despite his seasoned age...)

    Uh, but anyway back to your beard situation, my boyfriend has both the beard and moustache shindig going on. I never ever thought I would like facial hair as it wasn't what I thought would be a turn on, but it certainly is. Every strand of facial hair now becomes my daily highlight When I pull his face in for a good make out sesh.

    Just remember: beards and other facial hair will generally make you look older and can psychologically send signals of more aggressive behavioural attitudes when being viewed by people, particularly female bosses and other oestrogen filled work colleagues out in the working world. Useless but yet a useful fact I read and can see the view behind such observations.

    Your beard appears trim and respectable, and I find the more hipster styles that offer modern trendy appearances generally are more widely accepted and less aggressive than the scruffy I-got-out-of-bed or "bad ass" look. Your beard adds a healthy character to your hair style. Beards are go! Keep it and soon you can imagine potential lovers playing with your chin!

    Somehow it can be quite addictive for a lover to play when the beards are around. So watch out there ;) you could be pounced on by someone amazing! And soon. Maybe join a modelling agency advertising for business gear or all things hipster ;) I can just imagine your face would be popular very quickly!

    But seriously, are you a relation to George Clooney? ;)

    • hahahahaha thank you! :) :) :)

    • Haha, you are welcome, wow, I'm new here so I didn't realise there was such things as "Most Helpful Opinion" but thank you thatthat feedback, I'm glad I can provide an answer, and perhaps, if I may refer to you as young George, that could make you feel extra special ;) greetings from Australia!

    • hahaha :* okay :)

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