Guys, how does a guy's rating system work?

You know, the stereotypically "oh she's a 6 out of ten" stuff. How does that work- I mean based on looks. What would be the different between at 6 and a 7 or stuff like that. I'm just bored and curious. You can use my profile picture for reference or if you want to rate it. Thanks!! <3


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  • It doesn't. Each guy has his own arbitrary ratings, and people don't even use this scale in real life lol. They do it the natural way- look at a girl and either feel attracted to her or not. Whether it's her features, her body language, whatever... but no dude stands there and says to himself "Oh, she's definitely a 7 or maybe even an 8" lol. That's only on the internet or when they're talking to friends trying to describe a girl that no one else saw.

    Do yourself a favor and forget you ever knew about this rating scale ;)


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  • I don't really rate girls when I see them, I just check the list: Nice hair? Check. Beautiful eyes? Check. Lips? Check. Pretty face (overall)? Check...

    If someone asks me what would I rate her, the rate will be based on what the girl produced in me. I mean, how amazed she made me. The more amazed I was with her looks, the higher the rating.

  • Basically, there are 5 factors.

    1. Height
    2. Weight
    3. Face
    4. Boobs
    5. Butt

    Height doesn't matter as long as you're not freakishly tall. Weight isn't too important if you're not super underweight or overweight. Face plays the biggest part in a rating. Boobs and butt are extra points. Very, VERY extra points

  • For what ever reason my ratings are never the same as other guys. I find some girls like 9's that my friends give 6. You're probably a 10 to some guy out there

  • the more i like her appearnce wise thevhigher the grade basically

  • Varies from guy to guy, mainly for me it is based on face and then body

  • There is a standard deviation of 1.5 points. This means that 68% of women are between a 3.5-6.5. The top 14% of women would be 6.5+, and the top 5% would be 8+. After that, the top 0.6% would be 9.5+ in terms of looks.

    • WOW! I'm impressed. You must be a mathematician or something.

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    • Very good. I would like to share something with you I learned along the way. When communicating with the general populace one must try to keep things very simple. Just my observation. Again, I am very impressed with your solution. I think you have a very bright future.

    • Lol thanks man. That why I included statements like "the top 14%" or "top 5%" rather than just including standard deviation info.

  • Based on our opinion of how attractive a girl looks to us, then we give her a higher rating if she is hotter and lower if she isn't.

  • I don't rate girls.

  • to me... a six is ehhh, a seven is cute, ill smash.

  • 10 do these exist?
    9 reeeeeeeeeeeeeallllllllly attractive
    8 definitely would consider dating
    7 above average, might consider dating
    4-6 average
    3 A bit below average
    2 Lower than 3
    1 Lower than 2 (these women are rare as 9s)

    For me, it’s almost like a skewed bell curve. About 70% of women ages 18-48 are between 4-6 on the scale. 20% are between 1-3. The remaining 8-9% are 8s, and 1-2% are 9s.

    Examples of 8s and 9s:
    8: Yvonne Strahovski, Lindsay McKeon
    9s: Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde, Keira Knightley

  • 5 is average
    6 above average
    7 cute
    8 pretty
    9 gorgeous
    That's in terms of the face
    Slim/fit. + .5 -1
    Nice. +1-1.5
    Sexy + 2-2.5
    Perfect + 3
    To get to perfect ten
    8/9 face perfect body
    9 face sexy body

  • 1-4 ugly or below average 5-6 average 7-8 Cute (what guys go for dating) 9-10 just want for sex and if they have a good personality wooo