Should I get a nose job? Has anyone here done it?

I've been thinking about this for a while now.. I really hate my nose, have always felt insecure about it. It looks a lot like Lea Michele's nose: HERE

When I was younger I use to put my hand over the nose when i sat down in school so people wouldn't see it, but of course I couldn't avoid it. I just think that my life would be so much easier if I just did the operation, my nose is making me avoid things, persons and situations and it's almost controlling my life. My nose is holding me back from doing things I want to do or talk to people and stuff.

but 1) I'm scared that it will look worse and everyone will see what I've done it not so easy to hide 2) It's really expensive

What are your opinions? Has anyone here done a nose job?



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  • So this makes me think of Jennifer Grey. The chick from Dirty Dancing. She had a similar nose which made her unique and beautiful in her own way. After that movie she got a nose job and her career became non-existent. It took away everything that made her special. Give your self some time to grow into your looks. Try to look at yourself and like what you see and if in a couple years you still want to get it done, then do it. It is your body. But I think you should watch a video on how they do it. *cringe* Its pretty intense. Whew.


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  • nah... a waste of money basically... sorry

  • Thats a nice nose.

    • Serously?

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    • Dad's Middle Eastern. I got his nose

    • Oh I see but yea its unique.

  • Honestly you care about it more than anybody else. Don't project your insecurities onto others.

    • Others have commented it, this is not just in my head

    • You complain about your nose but use a famous actress to describe it... Yeah, no discrepancy there.

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  • I wish I had your nose!

    You are very young and you have not yet grown in to your features, trust me! I have changed so much over the last 15 years, I am 30 now! Most of my changes are over the last 4 years... I actually got hotter woohoo!

    But I feel your pain, my nose is my conscious item, but when i look in the mirror i know i have the perfect combo of my mum and dads nose... it makes my face me. Please learn to accept yourself and your nose, I am sure it is beautiful!

    • Wow thank you for that comment but still... Yeah I don't know :(

  • Don't do it girl. My nose is worse, but in the end nobody cares but me.

    Have you seen nose job fails? Some surgeons can mess up really bad and you may have to re-do it. Big waste of money.

    You shouldn't be doing anything to your body if you're under 18 as you're still growing and your face shape and features are going to change.

    Take this into consideration with your parents first.
    Wait till you're 18 and older and then think twice about it.

  • Lol. That is very cute nose... Seriously, it doesn't look weird or anything
    Don't do it!

  • Can't trust any surgeon.
    You'll end up looking like Michael Jackson.
    Be careful.