Girls, in Need Of A Genuine Opinion... How Do I Look?

I feel silly for posting this, but its been on my mind for a while and regardless of the response I get, at least I'll have some clarification as to where I stand!

Call it insecurity, unknowingness, or whatever, but how do I look on a scale of 1-10? Do I seem relatively good looking or relatively unattractive? I'm not fishing for compliments by any means (any serious feedback at all is appreciated!). My asking is simply so I know where I stand on the "scale". I'm fully aware it's not all about looks, but let's face it, they do matter to a degree and if mine aren't doing it for me then I'd rather know about it so I know to push my personality more...

The image below has been uploaded straight from my phone without any editing, filters etc - this is after all how I'd look if you saw me in real life and naturally I want any opinions to be based on that.

Thanks for helping a guy out!


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  • You look nice

  • You have such awesome eyes. I'm not a huge fan of the facial hair but ur cute. Smile tho :)