Ladys&gents are you attractive and photogenic?

ok so to anyone who is reading this do you feel like your attractive but can't take a good picture to save your life or do you know anyone who looks attractive in real life but looks like a zombie straight out of like the walking dead and that would be saying something nice about them ;p

  • you people are all so self absorbed >=[
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  • no but i have a friend...
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  • yes why do i look like i fell out of the ugly tree ;_:
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  • nope i all ways look good :)
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What Girls Said 5

  • People tell me I'm photogenic, but I don't think so at all. Everyone is photogenic when they are purposely trying to look nice, but when people just take random pictures of me, I always look so bad! I do think I look better in person than pictures, as I think part of my appeal is my personality/facial expressions.

  • I look better in person to be honest. Most of my pics of myself turn out super shitty.

    • Pfffftttt, are you kidding me, buddy? Go check your upvotes on your selfies here😜That's crazy talk, cry me a river😭

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    • You're singing my song, buddy. There's a reason I don't change pics often👹😱

    • i feel the same way but you look pretty good in your pic professional Photographers usually have to use like rolls of film just to get one good shot they say the best pics are taken when the people forget the camera is their and relax that and lighting

  • So they tell me but I disagree.

  • I look better in person than on most pictures. But, ALWAYS I take a picture and I think I look really cute. Then a few days later I think it's ugly and delete it. My Instagram profile always change.

  • Yes, and I find it so annoying and strange.
    Sometimes I might really like the way I look, but then when a picture is taken, I suddenly don't look good (in the picture).

    • i feel the same way i get a lot of attention from the opposite sex but when i see myself in pics i am like man i am so ugly what do girls see in me o. O

What Guys Said 2

  • I'm attractive, but I hate taking pictures of myself, I don't like how I look on them, even though everyone says I'm photogenic. I guess it's the mirror-photo thing.

  • I'm a model (editorial) so I would say I'm good looking but in a weird way. I'm very tall and have angular jaw with high cheekbones. I guess I would say I am photogenic.