Guys, how do you feel about hair on the girls body?

I mean quite a lot of it, and not light, quite dark hair. Im talking arms, legs, back, stomach, bum cheeks, the all of it, but some being more visible in some places than others.


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  • Hair is natural. So who cares. And I guess it can always be shaved if truly not wanted. I wouldn't mind

  • I would hope that a woman presents her best appearance to the public. So hair removal of whatever way she prefers would be expected on the areas that society expects. But you could have hair all over and not bother me personally. I prefer a bare pubic area because I like to see that, but I can deal with most everything else. And though you did not mention it, that includes the random hairs on her breasts. And if she wore clothes to mostly hide her armpits, I would not care about hair there, either. You are beautiful, don't let hair get you down.