How to be The King of Aesthetics at 5'6"?

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How to be The King of Aesthetics at 5'6

Jeff Seid - 5'11"

So I already got the face and ok body (needs to work out more), but I lack of height (5'6"). What's the solution?


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  • This depends on what you mean by "King of Aesthetics". Plenty of famous Bodybuilders have been around 5'6: Dexter Jackson, Larry Scott, Franco Columbu, and Kai Greene have all been within about two inches of that height. However, if you are talking about being the best-looking guy around, the height factor will work against you.

    I'm the same height as you at about 5'7" (170 cm) for my morning height, and I don't care for it at all. The only way to reach "King of Aesthetics" status would be to hit at least 5'9-5'10, which can only be accomplished by radical leg lengthening surgery (safe and effective, yet costly and very hard). I'll probably be getting it someday.


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  • Even shorter man shorts

    No I don't have a real answer. This isn't my area of expertise.

  • The solution is you are doomed. You will never be the king of aesthetics because you're not tall enough and you never will be. The solution is to stop being a girly-man, obsession with appearance is for women. Lift heavy weights, train for strength rather than to look pretty and learn to kick ass instead.

    • Fuck you

    • I may not be tall, but I look ok height-wise because of proportion

    • Let's see some pictures then princess xx