What hair colour and cut suits me?

before i posted a hot or not pic where my hair was darker, in this more recent pic its lighter - what suits me better?

also open to suggestions from hairdressers/stylists for future looks!

and yes i am blowing a kiss here haha

Thanks! :)
What hair colour and cut suits me?

  • Lighter Hair for the win
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  • Darker Hair for the win
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  • Try bangs / a fringe !
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  • Try even Lighter Hair!
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  • Try layers
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  • Other (please comment)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't honestly think you need to change anything. I did vote E because your hair looks thick. Which I have thick hair too and having layers really helps make washing, brushing, and putting up much easier. With mine I normally have the shortest layer part at my collarbone. Maybe give that a try?


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  • I prefer darker hair but you're a pretty girl and you'll look good with almost any hair color

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  • you're really pretty

  • ITS COLOR** damn Canadians always adding a 'u' where it dont belong...

    • No it depends what country you're from - and I'm from neither the U. S. or Canada - I'm from Australia, living in Britain. So - wrong. Colour is correct where I'm from, and living :) cheers.

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