Girls, do you like Jack Bauer's face style?

Although this question is mainly for girls, I am also curious about guys' opinions.

Personally, I know Jack Bauer is not a handsome-looking type guy, but I think he is definitely manly-looking, and I like his style.

Girls, do you like Jack Bauer's face style?

  • I am a man; I like his style.
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  • I am a man; I do not like his style.
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  • I am a woman; I like his style.
    20% (1)17% (1)18% (2)Vote
  • I am a woman; I do not like his style.
    60% (3)0% (0)27% (3)Vote
  • Other; will comment.
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  • No idea; just want to see the result.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I used to fancy the pants off of Kiefer Sutherland when he was younger but I'm not so keen anymore, but he's a good looking guy - I'm surprised you don't think he is.

    He's still pretty cute in Young Guns. I used to think Charlie Sheen was cute, before he destroyed his face by rubbing it in cocaine and hooker snatch.

    • I do not mean he looks bad, but I mean he is not the typical handsome-looking type, such as Tom Cruise. But I think he is tough-looking, very manly, which I like a lot.
      (I am straight, just want to be like his style.)

    • I don't find Tom Cruise attractive at all. He's constantly squinting too...

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  • yea he has swag