Girls, how do I look with a moustache? Is it a turnoff for Canadian girls?

Girls, how do I look with a moustache? Is it a turnoff for Canadian girls?

A girl in my class i like and she's mexican.. so i wonder if the miustache is a turnoff for her? My current style is i have hair in the lengg of half an index finger and i comb it backwards with long sideburns and a moustache and chin hair style... what do u guys think of this style? Also is a moustache a turn off? Coz i like this girl in class amd i look good but sometimes my friends say to shave my moustache and im not allowed... i took this at night so my hair is messed up and i took it in tje dark so its not clear but it will do


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  • Yup turn off

    • Dang... so u mean i should remove it? Chin hair also?

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    • Wtf.. why did god give us facial hair then? Lol i dont think its a turn off fkr every girl

    • One) don't believe In God. Two) I know it's not a turn off for all girls and I never said it was. Some girls absolutely love it

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  • Why Canadian in particular?
    and i personally prefer clean-shaven...

    • I don't know lol... the gorl i like os Canadian.. or something... I don't know pple say moustache and chine haor are hot

    • well im Canadian, and i dont think that what my passport says will necessarily affect what I think... but do what you're comfortable with.

  • Shave that thing off major turnoff :/

    • -_- appreciate ur honesty but i wish i was aloud...