Welp, here's the before and after, as promised. Better?

Here's the original pic of me!

Welp, here's the before and after, as promised. Better?

And here's me after the haircut (sorry for the lower quality; phone's selfie camera is apparently lower quality). I know the suit is kinda cheating, but I figured why not? XD

"I thnik you fail to realize the gravity of your situation, Mr. Bond." - Me probably

Being serious is entirely too much work! XD

Haven't dyed it yet. Mentioned it to my hair-chick (hair artist?) and she recommended against it because I'd have to re-dye it a lot; I don't think I'm that dedicated to it... XD


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  • you look like so much fun!!
    more serious (as you said) in the middle pic with the haircut, but i'm just gonna judge a book by its cover and say you probably have an amazing personality ahhaa :)

    • Oh geez, thanks!! XD I like to think I'm amazing, but I don't know; I definitely consider myself fun though! =D

      If those are your judgements, I don't think any book will mind ;)

    • aha no problemo, and awesome
      haha maybe :P and thanks for mh

    • No problem! Sometimes you just have to shamelessly support compliments XD


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  • Longer hair suits you but short hair makes you look mature

    • Apparently! I guess the question is now: do I WANT to look more mature? =P

    • Oh sorry I guess I read the question wrong

    • Hmm? Oh, no, I just had to ask "better?" because of GAG's title conventions XD

      I was seriously pondering if I want to look more mature; not making a snide comeback! I really don't know if I do or not! XD

  • Whoa ~ you look way more mature now (*o*) you're giving me mafia boss vibes in the first after pic lol
    Aww, you have such a nice smile though. I think you're looking good, but I shall miss your jay hair-cut ;p

    • Hehe, I can look like a badass/villain when I want!

      Thanks for all the compliments, geez! XD

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    • Thanks for sharing your transformation by the way ^^

    • Thanks XD

      Lol! My "transformation" XD Well, no problem! It wasn't TOO embarrassing, and it entertained you guys, so it was worth it =P

  • I love it!!!

  • Aww you look great!! And have a really nice smile! :)

  • You look more mature with that haircut

    Smile more with your teeth, suits you :)

    • Aww, thanks! :3 I usually do smile with my teeth, it's just hard to rev up to that level of happy for a selfie =P

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    • No, I like giving compliments :) honest ones

    • Dawww! Thank you! As much as I try not to care about what other people say, well... compliments are always nice. <3

What Guys Said 1

  • You look good with the shorter hair dude. No homo, when I say that.
    You do look better with the short hair and the suit is pretty cool. Again, no homo.

    • Easy, man; EASY! XD It's not gay to comment on another guy's look, especially when he asks you for input! Besides, being gay isn't the worst thing you can be, and the line's being blurred on "acceptable" straight behavior anyway! So, don't worry so much about it :3

      Thanks man! I like the short hair because it's easier to manage, though I haven't decided which looks better; thank you for the input!

      I do find that suits, and nice clothes in general, can do wonders! =D

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    • Dead-on about the short hair; I hate it being in my face all the time when long!

    • That is true man, it can be very frustrating getting hair out of your face.