Girls, I got stuck?

playing truth or dare and with 4 of my best friends (all girls) and it was my turn i picked dare they dared me to try and slide under my bed the gap is very small it is about 7 inches and i started to slide under my breasts were a bit of a squeeze but i finally managed to force them under i continued under my stomach was no problem it is as flat as a board but when it come to my bum it completely filled the gap i couldnt move forward so i called back and asked one of them to push me a bit so the one started pushing and after 30 mins of her pushing my bum still hadn't moved so she stopped i was stuck and plus it hurt having four girls pushing slapping and pinching my bum it was over 4 hours until i finally got out! and also has this happened to any other girls out there or anything similar happened to any other girls?


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  • Why didn't they just lift the bed?


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  • man that bed musta been heavy

  • After about 10 minutes. I'm sure your friends would have let you give up on the dare... and like @mutedaisy said... why didn't they just lift the bed. I sense a troll.