Why no guys approach me?

Seriously no guys approach me whatsoever. I'm in a new school and at my old school there would a guy or two asking for my number. At this school I have none! I've been rate an 8 before. Been told that I'm pretty a lot. I have a nice body or butty. So what's the pproblem?


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  • It comes down to three main things...

    1) The social norm of where you live. In Canada it's pretty much up to the guys to approach the girls. I'm told that in Austrailia is kinda the opposite. Of course there's always exceptions. And so it's possible that in your school things are reversed... but that's unlikely.

    2) The better looking you are, the less likely it is for guys to approach you. Good looking girls are intimidating, especially when nobody knows you yet. And in school there's a tricky unspoken social structure... no guy want's to be rejected by the hot new girl. Because it can burn him and make him an outcast.

    3) How approachable to you appear? Do you make eye contact? Do you smile? What's your body language? Do you keep your back to others when hanging out with girls, or do you open yourself up which invites others to talk with you?

    I recommend focusing on three things...

    1) Be more approachable. This comes down to how you smile, and laugh, and face those you're chatting with. When guys are checking you out from across the room can they see that you're approachable, or do you give off a vibe that says, "Don't talk to me." ?

    2) Make more friends, especially cool guy friends. This will introduce you to all those guys who are too fearful to approach.

    3) Be willing to be single while your classmates figure you out.

    I mean there's no need to rush, right? :D

    Good luck!

    ~ Robby

    • Thanx! I rejected a guy jacket offer do you think he was really hurt?

    • I'm not sure what that means... he wanted to give you his jacket? Either way it doesn't matter if he was hurt. It's your job to be selective, and it's his job to take chances like he did. It's good for him, and for you, so don't fret it. :D


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  • It takes time in a new school it will probably one day.

    • There won't be one day. I'm a senior

  • Looks are not everything... Your personality and your luck are the biggest elements

  • Have you ever approached a guy and ask for his number?

  • People are always skeptical of the new kid. It will go away eventually.

    • It won't because im graduating

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  • Lick your lips and start talking with your eyes. *eye fook