Girls, How do I look?

I'm tired of looking the same every day and would like to make some changes. I'd like to get some feedback from girls that are not from Germany because I have the impression that appearance gets judged differently in other countries.

Maybe a new haircut, but I'll keep my fashion style : blue / dark blue jeans, basic shirts in subdued colors and pullovers or sweatshirts with either leather sneakers or Nike sneakers. I just like to keep it clean and simple.

Could I get a few more opinions please?
Note: I hit puberty relatively late , that's why I seem younger than I actually am.


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  • Oh my god the girls here are fucking hilarious.. you're freaking hot, dude! I bet when you'll be like 23 you'll look hot as fuck! Just keep going to the gym and you'll get all the girls.

    • Oh, thank you so much ! I have honestly never heard that from a woman ever before. I was a late bloomer, was only a measly 5'6 at 16 (I'm 6'3 now and probably still growing) , no girl was interested in me and I had next to zero confidence. You just made my day. I'm getting better and better I believe.

      Maybe I am just not their type. Or maybe girls are a bit scared of me because of my build intelligence.
      I get comments like Wooow , what a big guy from passerbys.

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    • Well, I think I'm pretty :) Oh ok.. then move to the US :P

    • May I ask where you're from?


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  • You look like a girl.

  • First of all you look fine. Nothing wrong with the way you look. Second everybody looks the same way everyday as our face and body do not change from one day to the next. If you really want to be unique you might consider getting some high lights or a trendy and flashy outfit but its not necessary.

    • a flashy outfit is not for guys in my opinion. I'd rather agree with dressing more elegantly

  • Dont change you are handsome

    • I still feel like it's time for a change.. :/

    • I dont have a lot of experience with boy haircuts, so i dont see how it could get shorter... but i think everything would suit you, cuz you have a pretty face. So xou dont need to worry. Maybe try some online virtual makeover, but i dont know if there are any male hairstyles

    • Yes you're right. The basic rule for mens' haircuts is to keep it short on the sides and to keep it longer on the top. And it also has to match the shape of the face. So there aren't that many options in general.

  • i like your hair! and its a casual style that you can't go wrong with, so i dont know what you need to change, you look pretty good to me :)

  • You look nice 7/10

  • You look fine.