Girls, Ladies what's your favorite type of Jaw-Line?

So I'm curious what y'alls favorite type of Jaw-Line is or which one you prefer on a man

And what kind of Jaw-Line do you think I have? I have been looking at several types and I can't quite figure out which one it is lol.

Here is mine ( you can say which one you think it is in the comments )

The options for your favorite Jaw-Lines or those that you prefer are down below.

Let the answers flow

  • Strong
    33% (12)
  • Defined
    56% (20)
  • Round
    3% (1)
  • Triangular
    3% (1)
  • Square
    5% (2)
  • Pear Shaped
    0% (0)
  • Rectangular
    0% (0)
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