Girls, do any black women find me attractive?

sorry if it seems im reposting this but the other where a mix of pics i decided to just take another well the situation is im in love with my half black half latino sons daycare teacher she's shown me interest but i need to make sure if im attractive to you girls cause i can nver see myself without a black woman i only date black women personal preference plus thats all that give me attention in a way but yes let me know please be honest. im a 6'1 dominican /brazilian male so let me know
Girls, do any black women find me attractive?


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  • I don't see why she wouldn't find you attractive

    • well i think its cause i live in ny and in ny there aren't a lot of interracial couples like that and i mean I've dated a lot of black women im only 24 but i dont know maybe since i put on weight which im losing im like muscular and chubby since i played football through HS and college but since i got into my profession i let myself go a bit lol but I don't know but at least you find that im attractive i just need some approval cause i wouldn't want her to ever regret moving forward with me