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So I have a diamond + rectangle head I mean lower side triangle and up u know... So i'm very scared but sure my stache makes me look creepy but I'm worried shaving will me look more creepy. I mean I look small too, my face is small but in a way long and good! Lips are little big but my lips r like /^\ (not flat forward coming like).. yeah my face is v shaped. Its just I'm too scared that I'll look like 10 yr old and my lips and that creepy gap below the nose will look like **** Caz I have fat in that area and not a flat surface (I'm skinny) plss help nobody's answering my questions lately


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  • I'll have to see a picture, to answer your question.

  • Just post a damn picture of your face so we can answer your question and all those crazy details are ridiculous

    • i 90% look like the joker i mean my dp