Why do I look like a 4 th grader when I'm a freshman?

Is thier something wrong with my body or am I abnormal, I'm 15 and I'm 87 pounds and only 144 cm tall (4'7) in feet and inches most kids in my grade are developing breasts and have womanly shapes, and I'm still skinny and small am I weird? Pleeez answer


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  • isn't that a good thing. By the time your 60 you can look like your late 40's maybe.

    • It's not a good thing if you get shoved in a locker everyday, people throw me up into the air and pedophile junk and jokes and people want to seem to hug me all the time it's annoying and I'm a major claustrophobic

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  • because you can.

  • You're fine. You're not small, you're just fun size :) some guys really like tiny girls. Just be who you are and don't stress over things you can't help

  • Not everyone develops the same way. Is your mom short? Its probably just in your genes to be short. You'll fill out as you get older most likely. You're only 15. Don't worry.

    • That's also true... My moms half and half short like 5'1 and my dads 5'4

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    • Do you see a doctor regularly?

    • Yes they see no health problems except maybe you I'd be a few inches taller , but I have mild scoliosis, and prognated foot