Whats my best feature? Im not insecure I think its my eyes and lips but I wanted an unbiased answer?

You dont have to respond so if you have nothing honest and nice to say your comment is not needed... I would like to know whats my best feature for you'll im not insecure but just wondering http://muzy.com/#lightbox_post_314400152

just by profile pik?


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  • Your eyes just need some damn mascara, lots of it. Try false eyelashes, if you have VERY little lash. Other than that you're pretty.

    • i have very little lash because i used to wear eyelashes and mascara and they fell but nope i dont need mascara at all nor any make up im pretty and ike my self this way not trying to sound conceited

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    • Mascara does that to you? That sucks. I started wearing a bit of make-up at 21. Very little make-up can actually enhance your appearance and goes a long way, you say that now but you'll experiment. You're already pretty, the right amount of make-up just going to make you glow.

    • no i used i tried it i dont need to try it i already did and i regret it getting influenced by what the media tells you or other people i appreciate my self naturally and naturally is the best thank u... I've worn make up no more and i dont miss it trust me i feel and look better like this we all do be natural :)


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  • The link doesn't work anymore.


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  • couldn't see photo with that link.

  • Link doesn't work unless you download the app