Girls, I have quite a big bum for a bloke. Is that attractive, unattractive or just a matter of opinion?

Ok girls, my first time on this site! Thought I'd ask a question. I have quite a big bum for a man, always have, and it's become more prominent since I've put on a little weight.

I'm 6'1, 21 and about 14 stone. I quite like my bum, but I think that's because I like girls with proportionally above average bottoms. Just wanted to hear what you guys think! I'd put up a picture but I don't know if that's a done thing here?

Thanks for any help and advice you can offer, it's really appreciated!


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  • I prefer a nice thick juicy ass on a guy. Not too big or small, just like many guys like in their women. A nice side-view that you can smack and grab hold of.

    Love your bum. I think it's attractive. (And don't put a picture of your butt up).


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  • Hey there :)
    My boyfriend is a white guy with a black bum. And I love it! I think it's so cute and adorable! There was a footballer at school who had an amazing big bum, and the girls still talk about it today.. we love big bums :P

    So I personally believe that there's nothing to worry about :)

  • I don't care about the but, as long as its not completely flat but even then - face and body is more important than butt.

  • Just depends on the chick really. I don't really care/mind.