My future piercings?

So I plan to get a few piercings... alit of metal in my left ear, little to none on my right and an iron stud on my eyebrow, so here's pics of me what yal think?(And I'm prepared to be called a freak by people so brutal honesty wanted)
My future piercings?

  • Ugly and getting worse
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  • Ugly now not so much later
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  • Look cute now but scary then
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  • Ugly to a freak
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  • Cute to OMG IS THAT A DEMON?
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  • Look good now won't look good
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  • You're adorable and will stay cute c:
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  • I think that piercings would suit you. Of course they'll change your look and that will change people's views on your appearance. Some people are attracted to men with piercings, and some are attracted to "clean cut" guys---so it might make you more attractive to some people, and less attractive to others.


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  • mm dont get too many, a couple is ok..


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