Girls, what are your beauty tips?

Share all your beauty tips! Mine are use sugar wax never shave , find the right products for your skin , put honey on chapped lips it leaves them silky smooth, oil pull for perfect skin, use diffrent types of mask at least once a week , if your a blonde or a brunette who wants red out of your hair use a purple shampoo, charcoal and water can make a mask that gets ride of acne / blackheads / whiteheads and whitens teeth, exfoliate your skin, use only natural / organic/ pure products, rule of thumb if you wouldn't eat it or you dont know what each ingredient means/ does then you dont put it on your face , drink skin tea , use a little bit of hair oil from middle down when you get out of the shower, use henna to dye hair, i have a ton more but ill just leave there (:


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  • 1) take your makeup off before sleeping- this is the most important
    2) stay hydrated through the day; drink Los of water but not coke/sodas
    3) keep yourself as active as possible; work out, go for walks, don't sit around too much
    4) do not blow dry your hair/straighten it unless you absolutely need it - I always blow dry my hair cause it looks really bad without blow drying. If you do blow dry it, use some kind of hair serum so it looks shiny and healthy.
    5) always use sun block before stepping out even if you think you don't really need it. even if it's cloudy out, the harmful UVA rays can still penetrate through the clouds
    6) don't go overboard with the makeup you wear, always accentuate one feature. If you have bright lips, tone down your eyes/cheeks. If you have smokey eye, don't put a bright lipstick and have really pink cheeks
    7) don't eat processed/junk food and incorporate a lot of leafy vegetables and fibre in your diet, it improves digestion + makes your skin clear and pretty
    8) if you have acne, don't fret. Only use medicines or creams if it's extreme. Those chemicals can fuck your face up even more in the long run. Acne is usually hormonal and will go away eventually.
    9) if you have any part of your face/body darker than the rest, run lemon juice over it.
    10) I've tried all sorts of home remedies when I had acne, like a honey mask, nutmeg paste and so on, but the only thing that worked for me was Retin A, which I still use. It gets rid of acne, but helps fade marks. You can use it if you have a prescription. It's very helpful and very good for you in the long run (it takes a while to get used to though)
    11) keep your hair away from your face, make sure you wash your pillow cases and clean your phone screen often. All of these make contact with your face and can transfer dirt and oil to it

    I can't think of any more lolol


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  • If you plan on ever coloring your hair with anything else STAY AWAY FROM HENNA. You can't change your mind with it.

    If going from dark to blonde, get a professional to help you if you want to keep your hair. Doing it at home can cause lots of breakage and uneven tones.

    If you do use hair oils and if you flat iron your hair, use them AFTER you straighten it.

    Guys, put that man in manicure, the massage is fantastic. Especially guys in trades, they are amazing for keeping your hands in good shape.

    Falsies can be fun! But they can also be overdone.

    Omg I could go on forever.. I do this for a living, lol.

    • Sorry for the un-like or whatever this is called ^ยท^ I was strolling and my finger touched it sorry !

    • No problem lol. :)

  • Comb and style your hair constantly. It is such a minor thing but makes a huge different in the way you look. Dress like you are going to work all the time - those clothes make you look pretty and classy and can turn even the most unattractive person into a popular person.

  • My beauty secrets :
    1- take your make off before going to bed.
    2- drink a lot of water
    3- exercise at least 5 days per week
    4- don't eat junk eat organic and fat free
    5- be happy and be at peace with yourself

  • All good tips.

  • My tip is that lots of beauty tips are just a myth.
    The only tips I have are:
    - wash your face twice a day (once just water and once with soap-like product)
    - remove make-up before bed
    - don't brush or comb your hair when it's wet
    - if you pop a zit, use two pieces of toilet paper and use disinfection fluid, like some alcohol. It also dries the skin a little so anything left will be removed.

  • use mineral filter sunblock and alcohol-free skincare products

  • my beauty tips? wake up & go :) NATURAL.

  • Don't wear to much makeup :)