What would you think of me if you saw me everyday and how would you judge my personality, or see me as?/ am I weird?

{: Hiiii so i'll just tell you a few traits and like what I do and stuff when i'm in school,

1. I never talk at school, but I try to smile at people as much as I can so they know that I don't talk because I dislike them because thats NOT why I don't talk aha, I mainly don't talk because I'm more of a deep thinker, and I usually think more than I speak.

2. I'm extremely shy, but I open up once I get to know a person.

3. I will like anyone regardless of their appearance, I don't really see anyone for their appearance. It took quite a bit of practice to do this but I eventually just stopped aha the only thing I judge people on the outside for is their eyes. [not the shape or color, more of what I see in them]

4. I doodle a lot, i'm always drawing something in a notebook I keep it private most of the time nobody ever sees it

walk home from school every day, I walk home alone, I usually listen to music on my way home, and sometimes I walk to a park and hang out on the swings and draw, listen to music instead of going straight home.

6. I try to stay as neat and clean as possible but aha sometimes my room gets a tad messy.

7. I dress casual everyday I usually just wear really baggy hoodies with tights and converse.
8. I don't wear rarely any foundation just a little bit of eyeliner here and there.
9. I never eat at school lunch, I draw instead.

10. I'm not aggressive i'm really gentle I talk really quietly
11: I've been vegetarian half my life because I feel guilty when I eat animals because I love them so much

12. I stare into space ALL of the time

Okeyyy, so if you watched this personality and stuff at say school or wherever you hang out everyday would you think i'm weird? Sometimes I worry that nobody will ever like me because I don't talk much and am pretty introverted.
What would your impression be? Would you think i'm a weirdo?


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  • I would say your very shy, might have little depression, laid back but
    you seem very sweet and nice. :D :)


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  • I think your awesome xD

  • Wow you sound very interesting you should talk to people more i probably would never had noticed you before I'm going to look for someone like you and have a conversation with them all the best to you your not a weirdo

  • I wouldn't think u r weird I'd think u r FREAKING AWESOME

  • I don't think your weird but I guess I'm biased because you sound a lot like me lol

  • weird is how I describe u

  • I'm going twist this around ;) what would your impression be if you met someone with those traits?