What personality traits do you expect your partner to have? your dream partner? can you describe how it would look?

yellowish light hair not to much yellow but yellow... blue eyes of course. about 160-168cm.. no jewels or makeup. ( natural beauty)
cloths probably soft pants or a dress. nothing on her head (hat) ...
LOL A MIRROR IMAGE OF MY SELF :P ... kind. not a liar , passionate , sweet , friendly, adventurous, agressive, social.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Treats me like queen. Dark haired. Must not burn like dracula in the sun. No freckles please. Must have leisure activities to keep fit. Have goals in life. High self esteem that shouldn't be mistaken for pure arrogance. Mostly optimistic. Not fussy about height. Open minded. Sarcastic once a blue moon. Have the same diet as me. Slim. Not over 80kg.


What Guys Said 1

  • i guess a girl with similar taste in music would be da best 4 me... it's really hard 2 find a girl under 40-45 yo who shares similar taste in music with me...:-(