Girls, how do I work on my self esteem and image problems?

I always worry about what other people think of me until it overides what i think of myself and it becomes like a cloud of self doubt where i dont think im good enough to get this girl or she would never consider me and sometimes the people that do the damage part of me wonders if they are really jealous and view me as a threat


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  • Fake it til you make it. Tell yourself every day that you are awesome and eventually you'll start to believe it!


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  • I know how you feel.. I have really low self esteem.. Everyone tells me im pretty and I get hit on at work. I literally panic about talking a picture or posting on it on Facebook. I would tell you to be yourself. Talk to the girl you like. She may even have feelings for you. And f** what other people think.. When you believe in yourself you can do anything! Your crush may not like you but at least you know.. You'll never wonder what if..

  • You might consider therapy. They'd help you a lot more than us armchair psychologists could.