What does you look mature/sophisticated mean?

The two words combined im 17 and a teacher said this obviously is not innapropite but what does this mean because he said i look 20 and then he said that he means i look old, conservative, pretty, ugly or what?


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  • I would read it as that you carry yourself as a mature lady with class... I would take it as a compliment particularly if I was 17.

    • yes in that i agree that he meant it like that because i act that way and have gotten the you act serious way thanks


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  • Mature/sophisticated are usually terms for when a young person acts or dresses older than their age - It is always meant in a complimentary fashion - You'll find that there would not be a lot of skin showing but it can be sexy often form fitting clothes to show off a womanly shape.

    • if u say that to a young girl what do you (personally) mean

    • It is a compliment, a well meaning one just saying you could pass for a woman of 20 - Lots of girls like to look that little bit older so he probably meant it to give you a boost, increase your confidence.

    • he didn't say that to give me a boost i know im pretty and he thinks im confident he maybe meant something else but couldnt say it I don't know but cool

  • He just means you loom older than everyone else.
    Either because of your clothing, your face, or your nice rack.

    • nice rack what does that have to do with my age? but a face looking older is that necessarily bad?

    • "Nice rack... for your age". If you have a big rack for your age, it makes you seem older.

      A face looking older isn't necessarily bad. Some faces just look older. I doubt people would describe as cute, but you could still be beautiful with an older face.

  • do u dress in a conservative way?

  • That's a good thing... looking in your 20s is ideal

    • but im 17

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    • not date but just good looking and thank you you helped a lot thats for sure why he meant it because we were talking and he has said im smart and thinks im mature so maybe not necessiraly say i look old

    • No problem :)

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  • It means you look older.