Judging on my Profile, etc. What is Everyones First Impression?

Based on my profile, comments, etc.
Whats your opinion on my personality and what kind of a person i am?

stolen question from @Basketballchick4eva :P


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  • How about I answer this as if the question is:
    "What do you think about your girlfriend"

    First things first, great question :D haha
    And to answer it, My girlfriend is AMAZING.

    She REALLY is. She's so smart. I mean, common sense wise, and book wise; she can really make you look stupid if you're not careful. She's sweet to me but she can be hostile, make the wrong move or do the wrong thing and your facing one wrath you can’t win against haha. You don't want to be on her bad side. Thankfully I've never truly been there, just visited a couple times. For the fun of it too >:D haha

    I think it's funny how she views herself. Funny but frustrating sometimes, if I had one wish it would truly be for her to see herself through my eyes. She is….. PERFECT. Sure, she’d deny it, deny it A LOT but hey, I ain’t complaining, I have fun with proving it/showing it to her haha, besides, gives me the oppitunity to make my demonstrations of her PERFECTNESS big and loud and totally ridiculous and very public haha, I have a few ideas already >:D

    It’s just sometimes I don’t believe how she can't understand that she is beyond beautiful... beyond perfect. I honestly try my hardest to convince her that but she just can't believe it. All good though, like I said, there won’t be a day, ever, that I won’t wake up to prove it to her :* Waking up. That brings me to my next point haha, she is, really, the reason I wake up. Sure, people say it often, but I MEAN IT (Yes! Yes YOU Woman haha <3 ) Now, sure, she drives me insane, up the walls, completely nuts and she is ridiculously insane herself but I wouldn’t have it any other way :D , I love her. You know guys, forever’s a long time, sure, but I wouldn’t mind spending it by her side, if anything, forever’s tooooooo short a time haha


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