Girls, what can I do to maks myself more attractive?

I don't think I'm necessarily ugly, but i don't find myself very attractive, and i don't think others do either. I'm probably average at best. But what can i do to improve myself? In this photo i had shave everything off, but i currently have grown a thin stubble (and its well kempt, and clean). i keep losing weight steadily (a few pounds every couple weeks). Even though I've lost a ton of weight altogether, I'm still slightly overweight. But would you say my face would look better if i lost even more weight? What is attractive about me, and what's not?


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  • I think your really cute! You can't tell your overweight from your face at all, it looks great.

    • Really? Thankyou! People tell me I'd look better with a haircut, but super short hair doesn't look good on me at all :P


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  • You look good, you have a nice face! You look a bit yough but there's nothing wrong with that. Maybe grow your hair a little longer? Thats the only improvement I can come up with.